Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Unemployment insurance: For employees only?

The unemployment system is meant to help people when work is scarce (and to help the economy by allowing consumers to maintain spending).

Terrorism insurance

The Star’s recent story “Insurance industry criticized: A consumer group says firms are gouging consumers and shifting costs to taxpayers” (1/9, Business) mentioned how one group in Washington thinks that insurance industry profits ...

Insurance Firms Targeted in Credit Case

WASHINGTON - Several Supreme Court justices seemed taken aback Tuesday at the idea that insurance companies might be required to notify tens of millions of customers they aren't getting the best rates...

Insurance advertising 'can be misleading'

Claims about potential savings made by insurance companies in advertisements could be misleading to consumers, the Financial Services Authority (FSA) warns.

insurance dept maintenance

This is the project about insurance dept maintenance.. where all the insured ppl details will be stored in vb itself which cannot be edited and when the customer pays the bill his name ,amount and current date will be added in database.

Unit Linked Insurance Plan (ULIP) – is it really a better option ...

Now a days one of the most hot topics is ULIP… Unit linked insurance plan. What is this plan? How does it work? Is it really beneficial???

Renaissance Life Health Insurance Company of AmericaSM Assumes ...

The Acquisition Will Increase the Company’s Leverage as a Nationwide Insurance Benefits Provider Renaissance Life & Health Insurance Company of America (Renaissance America), a member of the Renaissance family of companies, ...

Health in the news: Per capita insurance premium for diabetics

The executive director (Modir Aamel in Persian) of the Iranian Advocate Association for Diabetics ("anjomane hemayat az bimarane diabeti" in Persian , Shakour Omidi, announced that patients with diabetes can purchase an insurance policy ...

SAMAA insurance

It's now official. The SAMAA insurance covers only those members who have a "solo" grading. I know the members of the management committee. Some are simply acquaintances, others friends of long standing.

Get Your Insurance Credit Scoring Information provides credit scoring informatin to a large amount of insurance companies and now you can get your scoring information for a fee.